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Advertisers for this month's newsletter are:

Zack Electronics - (800) 998-3947
Advanced Marketing - Frank A. Santucci - (650) 365-3944
Belden - Steve Lampen - (415) 440-8393
Orban - Rick Sawyer - (360) 715-1913
MARCOM - Martin Jackson - (408) 768-8668
William F. Ruck, Jr. Broadcast Engineer - (415) 995-6969
Audio Accessories - Rosie Alexander - (510) 787-3335
RF Specialties of California - Bill Newbrough - (888) 737-7321
Hammett & Edison, Inc. - Dane E. Ericksen, P.E. - (707) 996-5200
LeBLANC - David A. Hill - (650) 574-4600
Gentner Communications - Kelly Hanning - (800) 879-9317
Improbable Missions Fource - Mike Schweizer - (888) 4-ISDN4U
Broadcast Systems - (800) 801-2623
Econco - George Badger - 650-327-7599
Brill Electronics - Larry or Sam - (510) 834-5888
Kathrein (Scala Division) - Michael Wm. Bach - (541) 779-6500
Harris - John Briskie - (650) 593-1837


Fairlight will do a presentation on the Fusion Digital Audio Console.

As usual, our luncheon will be at Sinbad's just south of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero near the foot of Mission St. We meet at 11:30 and are seated at 12:30.

The SBE Ennes Workshops will be held at the Radisson Hotel on the Berkeley Marina on Saturday Oct 14th from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.

Topics will include:

  1. Aspect Ratio Conversion
  2. Interactive Technology in US DTV
  3. Video Transport Considerations Outside the Digital Studio
  4. Time Compression for Broadcasters
  5. Designing, Planning and Implementing a DTV Transmission Facility
  6. Grounding, Lightning Protection and Designing of a Broadcast Facility
  7. Amplifiers for UHF TV Transmitters
We have information posted on our website and look for copies of the flyer at this months luncheon.

Feedback-Echoes from My Life in Radio by Charles Payne
This was the man who created the original KABL format, caused Pat Robertson to consult with Jesus about call letters, paid cash each month to a Mexican General for McLendon, and launched one of the earliest all-news formats on WINS, New York. It's a fun book. He knew a lot of people back when they were nobody special. Thanks to Mike LaPorte for lending me the book.

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