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Zack Electronics - (800) 998-3947
Advanced Marketing - Frank A. Santucci - (650) 365-3944
Belden - Steve Lampen - (415) 440-8393
Orban - Rick Sawyer - (360) 715-1913
MARCOM - Martin Jackson - (408) 768-8668
William F. Ruck, Jr. Broadcast Engineer - (415) 995-6969
RF Specialties of California - Bill Newbrough - (888) 737-7321
Hammett & Edison, Inc. - Dane E. Ericksen, P.E. - (707) 996-5200
LeBLANC - David A. Hill - (650) 574-4600
Pacific Research & Engineering Corp. - William Hopkins - (760) 438-3911
Keith Davidson & Company - Keith Davidson, CSBE - (707) 648-0412
Improbable Missions Fource - Mike Schweizer - (888) 4-ISDN4U
Svetlana Electron Devices - George Badger - (800) 578-3852
TFT Inc. - Jesse J. Piatte, Jr. - (408) 727-7272 x504
Audio Accessories - Rosie Alexander - (510) 787-3335
Brill Electronics - Larry Shore / Inside Sales - (510) 834-5888
Scala - Michael Wm. Bach - (541) 779-6500
Scala - Everett E. Helm, CPBE - (541) 779-6500
Harris - John Briskie - (650) 593-1837
Anixter - Judy Conner - (510) 489-7430

Steve Lampen of Belden Wire & Cable will present a short history of wire and cable. Do you know when rubber was first cured? (Wasn't at my HMO.) Do you know how recently most of the available wire was made from steel instead of copper?

As usual, our luncheon will be at Sinbad's just south of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero near the foot of Mission St.. Please RSVP to Carol Brahney at Zacks: 408-487-9302 ( We meet at 11:30 and are seated at 12:30.

Future Meetings
No meeting in December

Chapter 40 Honors Gene Zastrow with Parks Award

Gene Zastro

The Award is named for Richard T. Parks and was the idea of BABES founder Howie Immekus. Dick Parks was in contact with everyone in the Bay Area Broadcasting community and served as the glue that held us together. In his honor the award is given to those who serve that community in much the same way as he did.

Gene Zastrow is the manager of Sutro Tower and has worked to bring the DTV transition to fruition. It has been a tedious task involving countless hours of meetings and hearings. Gene supervised the project planning and construction and worked with all the involved parties. It was a complex undertaking with an intricate timeline. Gene was equal to the task.

It was somewhat refreshing to learn that Gene's initial experiment with electricity occurred when he removed the wire supporting the ears of a cuddly rabbit and inserted same into an AC outlet.

We welcome Gene to the order of the Golden dud. The award consists of a gold plated 4CX5000 mounted on a trophy base.


Donny Millar

This is Donny Millar. Donny travels all over with a network analyzer. When you're trying to find a problem or tune a line, he's your man. While you'd like to see a simple polar plot on the screen, that rarely occurs. It's more likely that there will be a complex family of plots. Donny knows what that means and can tell you what to do. We had him in to help us tune fine matchers in a line going from an IOT to a combiner. Donny managed to tune two such lines in less than an hour. I'd still be staring at the screen if it was me.