MAY 1997


Roy Trumbull - Editor

Bill Dempster - Artist


This month our speaker will be Bill Hendershot of Prime Image. His company makes a time machine that allows you to stick an extra commercial into a program. (I have it on good authority that's what was going on just prior to the Big Bang.)
As usual our luncheon will be at Sinbad's. Sinbad's is just south of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero near the foot of Mission Street. Please RSVP to Karen Prasek at Zack's: 408-324-0551 x126 as we've been running out of tables and chairs. We meet at 11:30 and are seated at 12:30.


The chapter 40 web page is at


The keeper of the chapter 40 email address list, Warren Reese his address is


We will be having a joint meeting with SMPTE in July. I should have the details for the June newsletter. Zenith will supply a speaker to talk about the 8 VSB modulator.


Leo's Audio hosts a number of programs on products and technical issues and it is rare that I get their newsletter in time to tell you about one. But on Saturday May 31st Chris Thompson will talk about DAT maintenance. He'll be at the Oakland store at 11:30 AM (5447 Telegraph Av - 510-652-1553) and at the San Francisco store at 3:00PM ( 928 Van Ness Ave. - 415-928-1316 ). This is a reservations only seminar so you must call ahead. For future announcements check their web page which is


I just had a call about a local job for someone with 5 years of RF experience. They prefer a EE degree but you can always dazzle them with your knowledge. The job is in design work on high power tubes. Contact: Stewart Pike 510-831-9181.


The SBE Job Line service was developed to assist our members in locating available broadcast engineering positions throughout the country. The Job Line can be accessed as a voice recording at (317) 253-0474. We provide you with a brief description of job openings. Each listing has a Job Number along with basic information, including the location of the position. If you are interested in a specific listing and are a Member of the Society, call the SBE office at 317-253-1640 for the contact information. Please refer to the position you are interested in by Job Number.
**** A RADIO ENGINEER is needed in SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA with experience working with high power transmitter systems, strong maintenance and organizational skills and the ability to work well in a fast-paced radio environment. SBE certification preferred. JOB #532
**** A TELEVISION BROADCAST ENGINEER is needed in REDDING, CALIFORNIA with an Associate's degree in electronic technology preferred. JOB #525
**** A PRODUCT MANAGER is needed in SAN LEANDRO, CALIFORNIA with some previous related experience. JOB #519
**** A TELEVISION MAINTENANCE ENGINEER is needed in SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA with strong RF experience and a background working with high power UHF TV transmitters. JOB #429
**** A TELEPORT TECHNICIAN is needed in RICHMOND, CALIFORNIA with at least two years of operations experience in a satellite teleport or broadcast facility. JOB #425
**** A TELECOMMUNICATIONS SPECIALIST is needed in SACRAMENTO, CALIFORNIA with three years experience in the maintenance, repair and operation of electronic equipment used in instructional programs. JOB #421
**** A RADIO CHIEF ENGINEER is needed in THE COAST OF, CALIFORNIA with experience working with both AM and FM stations. JOB #402


The EAS Handbook is now available on the FCC Home Site. A printed copy of the downloaded Handbook is legal and will suffice to make participants compliant with Part 11 EAS rules. That printed copy must be displayed at your facility's EAS control point. If you desire a hard copy, a specific request will have to be made of the FCC to have one sent to you.


Nominations for the 1996 SBE Awards Program must be submitted to the SBE National office by Monday, June 2. Nominations are solicited in a number of individual and chapter categories. Winners will be recognized during the 1997 SBE National Meeting in Syracuse, New York, September 26, at the SBE Annual Awards Dinner. Use the form found in the February/March issue of the SBE SIGNAL or at the SBE Web Site, to nominate worthy candidates and achievements. There is no limit to the number of nominations you may submit. Address the nominations to: Awards Committee, SBE National Office, 8445 Keystone Crossing, #140, Indianapolis, IN 46240.


We haven't heard from a few of you about renewing your membership! It's almost time when we are required to drop you from the member list. If you can't locate your membership renewal form, call Teresa Ransdell at the SBE National Office at (317) 253-1640 or e-mail Teresa at, as soon as possible. Payments can be by check, VISA, Mastercard or American Express.


The Board of Directors of the Society of Broadcast Engineers at their April 6, meeting in Las Vegas, passed a resolution recommending that a scholarship in remembrance of Robert D. Greenberg, CPBE, be instituted by the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust. The Trustees of the Trust, at their meeting the following day, voted to create the new scholarship.
Greenberg, passed away unexpectedly March 20. He is remembered for an 18 year career with the FCC that was characterized by his professional manner and his ability as a broadcast engineer.
Tax deductible donations may be made to the Ennes Educational Foundation Trust, specifying the Robert D. Greenberg Memorial Scholarship. Mail your donations to: Ennes Educational Foundation Trust; 8445 Keystone Crossing, Suite 140, Indianapolis, Indiana 46240.