JUNE 2001
San Francisco
Roy Trumbull - Editor
Bill Dempster - Artist
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Enco Systems - Steve Rooney - 800-ENCO-SYS

Babes/SBE Luncheon on Wed July 25, 2001

This month we'll hear Richard Altopiedi talk about Dialight's LED obstruction and beacon lights for towers.They are warranted for 5 yrs with an expected life of from 7 to 10 years. They require 1/10th the power of conventional lamps.

As usual, our luncheon will be at Sinbad's just south of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero near the foot of Mission St. We meet at 11:30 and are seated at 12:30. To make reservations call Paul Black at 925-827-9511 and leave a message on his machine.

Zenith in Reno

The ATSC digital TV seminar will be held at KNPB-TV, Reno, on Monday August 20th from 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM. The speaker will be Gary Scrignoli of Zenith and he'll have a room full of equipment with him. If you'd like the complete flyer, contact me at, or click here. It's in PDF format.

Zenith in SF

Paul Marks is still trying to arrange for Zenith to do their ATSC seminar in San Francisco. No date or location as of now.

Broadcast Servers

Something I think would make an interesting meeting is how are all those servers doing? Many broadcasters have them as part of editing systems or for commercial playback. What is the real mortality rate of the drives? How well do systems recover? What are the success/horror stories. Drop me a note. - RT

A Good LPFM Laugh

LPFM coat hanger antennas
Winston Tharp passed along a photo from a site showing an LPFM antenna made of coat hangers mounted on a tower section. The radome version had the paper wrappers one sometimes gets on hangers from the dry cleaners.

Korla Pandit

Korla Pandit
What started out as my passing memory (he died in 1998) of a phenomenal early TV heart throb was later turned into a more interesting piece

by Larry Bloomfield.

Essentially, Larry had known the late "Indian" organ player in LA under a Hispanic name.

In the June issue of Los Angeles magazine, R.J. Smith traced him back to Mississippi, born of non Indian parents. Who is right? I'm not about to say.

As a sometime dabbler in genealogy, I know about the SSDI (Social Security Death Index) which permits anyone to obtain a copy of a deceased person's Social Security application. I found Korla in their files and I sent in my $7. More next month.

Inflation Bonds

(A few words on investing for your future by Roy Trumbull. This is not a recommendation by SBE Chapter 40.)

That fly-by-night bucket shop, the US Treasury Department has an interesting deal for you. After having several of the top financial writers rub my nose in it, I finally checked into inflation bonds. The deal is, the bonds pay about 3 to 3.5% but, inflation gets added in to your return. A blue ribbon panel of experts strongly recommended that the Treasury Department drop those bonds like a hot rock. When interests rates are going down, Uncle Samuel does fine and gets cheap money. But when inflation goes up, he's exposed to unlimited interest rate liability. The bonds are available from banks and there are several mutual funds that specialize in them. The Treasury Dept. is on the web.

SBE's FCC Liaison Committee update
By Dane Ericksen

On July 16 SBE filed comments to ET Docket 01-75, the rulemaking that will update and streamline the Part 74 BAS rules. The SBE comments are available as a pdf file on the SBE web page ( or from the FCC's electronic comment filing system (ECFS) at The SBE comments run 28 pages and about 11,000 words, and cover a wide range of BAS issues.

SBE is now working on reply comments to ET 01-75, which are due August 7. Of particular importance will be SBE's reply to Globalstar, which told the FCC that broadcasters using "grandfathered" ENG Channel A10 (2483.5-2500 MHz) should be booted off that channel because they don't use it anyway. Obviously, the SBE reply comments will take vigorous exception to that claim and will provide reasons why grandfathered A10 users should continue to exist.

Any TV station with a TV Pickup license that authorizes A10 would be well advised to file reply comments to the ET Docket 01-75 rulemaking, pointing out that this grandfathered channel is most definitely used and is a critical part of many "home channel" plans.

Dane E. Ericksen, P.E., CSRTE
Chairman, SBE FCC Liaison Committee
Hammett & Edison, Inc.
707/996-5200 voice
707/996-5280 fax


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