San Francisco
Roy Trumbull - Editor
Bill Dempster - Artist
Advertisers for this month's newsletter are:

Projection Systems Inc. - Marci Mearns - (510) 259-2469
Santucci Video Systems - Sandra Santucci - (818) 704-6324
Belden - Steve Lampen - (415) 440-8393
MARCOM - Martin Jackson - (408) 768-8668
William F. Ruck, Jr. Broadcast Engineer - (415) 564-1450
Ross Marketing Associates - Kevin Frost - (408) 988-8111
Kathrein (Scala Division) - Michael Wm. Bach - (541) 779-6500
Hammett & Edison, Inc. - Dane E. Ericksen, P.E. - (707) 996-5200
Econco - George Badger - 650-327-7599
Improbable Missions Fource - Mike Schweizer - (888) 4-ISDN4U
West Penn Wire/CDT - Michael J. La Porte - (650) 652-9080

Babes/SBE Luncheon on Wednesday Feb 26th

Our speaker this month will be Duane Yoslov of Sony System Integration who has built projects for a number of companies including Sony and NTC. Duane's topic will be a proven philosophy for executing an on time/on budget turnkey system. Whether the application is greenfield or expansion, the process is applicable.

As usual, our luncheon will be at Sinbad's just south of the Ferry Building on the Embarcadero near the foot of Mission St. We meet at 11:30 and are seated at 12:30. To make reservations call Paul Black at 925-827-9511 and leave a message on his machine.

Bylaws Adopted
A vote was taken at the January meeting to adopt the bylaws as presented to the members last October. We waited until January to adopt them as the November meeting, being so close to Thanksgiving, was lightly attended.

Time to Move On
One of my Zen like activities, done with glassy eyes, is the affixing of mailing labels and stamps to this newsletter. I have done it for more years than I can recall and might very well go on doing it. But this piece of paper, delivered to your hands, now costs a dollar a copy. The postage is 37 cents and the printing is the remainder. I would much rather see that money go into program for our members.

Tim Pozar emails the newsletter to about a third of our members. I'd like to see more of you sign up for that service, which you can do at our website, which is listed later in this newsletter. Then we can stop the printed version in July of this year.

I've been the SF Area SMPTE chairman for the past two years. SMPTE had been using a postcard for meeting notices. They switched to a brief email message sent to all local members directing them to the website when the notice for the next meeting is posted. That has worked very well with the result that the local chapter budget is used entirely for programs.

Treasurer's Report for 2002